The WITORG Guide

Does your organizational system, or one that you know, not work as you think it should?

If you want to reflect on this, let yourself be GUIDED by WITORG, and by its outline!

In this way, you can understand the different elements that make up an organizational system and the relationships between them. From this knowledge, it will be easier to evolve the analyzed organizational system.

See the outline of the WITORG Guide with its ten elements:

Organizational Systems Evolution
The WITORG Guide: A comprehensive approach to evolve YOUR organizational system and achieve YOUR goals

If you want to know the content of each element of the WITORG Guide quickly, it is recommended to start by reading the introduction through the following link:

To go deeper into each of the elements of the guide, you have the “WITORG Guide” option in the drop-down main menu. You can also access them from the following links:

It is also convenient to read the following entries to understand how the organizational concepts have evolved, up to the present:

New contents, taking into account the outline of the WITORG Guide, will be published regularly. To find them visit the choice ‘posts’ in the main menu.


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