tow-truck-309953_150If you have reached this “Services” page, you may be interested in some form of collaboration. WITORG is a recently launched project and does not yet have a service model to provide. However, and for the same lack of definition, we are open to studying any approach that may arise.


Possible collaborations:



If you have reviewed any content on this website, you may have found topics such as Taylorism, Holocracy, ISO Regulations (ISO 9001, ISO 9004, IATF 16949), Process Management, TQM, QMS, EFQM , ERP, CRM, PDM, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Toyota System, R & D, Entrepreneurship, Industry 4.0, Teamwork, etc. The introduction or evolution of these concepts within an organization can be complex if you are not aware of the starting point. The WITORG Guide can provide an analysis of the situation, or starting point, in the concepts, presented. From this analysis, it will be easier to develop a strategy for a subsequent implementation or evolution of any of the concepts cited, within a particular organization. WITORG is open to collaborating in the development of projects, within the themes addressed.



If any organization is interested in promoting its products or services through WITORG, collaboration choices could be analyzed.



Beyond the services presented so far, if you think that from WITORG it would be possible to collaborate in some other project, do not hesitate to contact as well.