The launch of WITORG and its Guide

The WITORG project has been finally released. The purpose is to provide VALUE to individuals and organizations, through the analysis, development and evolution of their “Organizational Systems”. To do this, we have “The WITORG Guide – A comprehensive approach to evolve YOUR organizational system and reach your goals”.

The objective of this post is to make known the value that The WITORG Guide brings to organizations that are interested in making their organizational systems evolve. Consider it as the necessary value or support to reach their goals. An increasingly complex and changing world requires organizational systems capable of evolving and adapting or even anticipating it.

In WITORG you can find answers for organizational questions such as:

  • Where do I start to evolve my «Organizational System»?

  • How to involve people in the evolution of an «Organizational System»?

  • How to evolve my «Organizational System» starting from a classic Taylorian hierarchical structure?

  • Can holacracy help me in improving my “Organizational System”?

  • How do quality standards affect my “Organizational System”?

  • What is the LEAN methodology, and how can I benefit from it?

  • What is the AGILE methodology, and how can I benefit from it?

  • How to introduce concepts such as «GTD», «Coaching», «Mentoring», «Teamwork», «Networking», etc. in your «Organizational System»?

  • How to incorporate industry 4.0 into an «Organizational System»?

  • How to improve teamwork within my organization?

  • How to use ICT to evolve my «Organizational System»?

  • How to create a culture of continuous improvement within my organization?

  • How to focus on process management?

  • Many others

The answers to the questions raised will be found in the book “The WITORG Guide” and in the contents published on this website. Always without forgetting that an organizational system is not an end in itself, but a means to adapt to increasingly changing environments, achieve goals, and even find a purpose.

Then you can see the scheme of «The WITORG Guide». Through its elements, it is possible to analyze any organizational system. Once analyzed and understood this, you will be aware of the steps to take, if necessary, to evolve it and improve your abilities of adaptation and survival within the environment where you operate.

Witorg Guide - Organization systems imporvement
A comprehensive approach to evolve YOUR organizational system and achieve YOUR goals

If you are interested in acquiring ‘The WITORG Guide’ you can access it HERE

How to evolve tour organizational system

From this website, we will inform you about the evolution of WITORG. And if at any time you want to contact WITORG for what you consider appropriate, you can do it from here, CONTACT.


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