ICT – Information and Communication Technologies

ICT – Information and communication technologies

During these last decades and increasingly, the use of ICTs is a nuclear part of organizational systems. Its use is constantly extended in different areas and for various applications such as:

  • Communication between entities and people both individually and within organizations.
  • Administrative procedures publicly as private.
  • Consumption of entertainment content.
  • E-commerce
  • Medicine.
  • Banking, insurance, etc.
  • ERP corporate software, CRM, Design, etc.
  • Simulators of all kinds.
  • Applications supported by the blockchain concept.
  • Etc.

ICT has made possible the development of the previous points. However, not all ICT developments are successful. In fact, there are usually projects that turn out to be true failures. Why are these types of crashes? The reasons can be several. WITORG from an integral approach analyzes ICTs as a nuclear part of organizational systems. In this way, answers to questions of the type are sought:

  • Are ICTs an end in themselves?

  • What are the values ​​behind bilateral communication?

  • What is a management process and how can ICT support this?

  • How can ICT help project management?

  • How can ICT help holocracy?

  • How have ICTs evolved applying the Agile concept?

  • What relationship can be established between ICTs and the concepts ‘Agile’, ‘Lean’ and ‘Holocracy’?

  • How will ICT influence the evolution of organizational systems?

The AGILE concept

The Agile concept was coined about the year 2001 in the city of Snowbird in the USA. The need for this manifesto and the associated methodologies is due to the search for improvements in organizational systems or methods (CMMI, SPICE) used in this field in a common way in the 1980s and 1990s for the …

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The launch of WITORG and its Guide

The WITORG project has been finally released. The purpose is to provide VALUE to individuals and organizations, through the analysis, development and evolution of their “Organizational Systems”. To do this, we have “The WITORG Guide – A comprehensive approach to evolve YOUR organizational system and reach your goals”. The objective of this post is to …

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Pyramid of automation and industry 4.0

This chapter links several points of the WITORG Guide, with the so-called ‘automation pyramid’ and with the concept industry 4.0 and about organizational systems. The automation pyramid is a concept created in the previous millennium. It has to do with the ICT systems treated in external element C. The concept industry 4.0 was coined in …

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