Books on organizational systems

In this category, you will find entries that refer to books that have influenced WITORG. The selection of books is done considering the integral approach that these pose to understand organizational problems. From here we will try to build:

The best books on organizational systems

Some examples:
The WITORG Guide – Alex Zabala
Reinventing organizations -Frederic Laloux
The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham


The best books on situations of change and uncertainty

Some examples:
The grapes of wrath – JOHN STEINBECK
Samurai – Hisako Matsubara



How to use coaching within an organization

Coaching – Organizational evolution

Coaching is a word very much in use today. It is defined as a method to reflect, instruct, prepare, accompany, a person or group of these in the process of reflection, evolution, and change. And all this for what? Here a link where we can observe the complex and varied world of Coaching In principle, …

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The AGILE concept

The Agile concept was coined about the year 2001 in the city of Snowbird in the USA. The need for this manifesto and the associated methodologies is due to the search for improvements in organizational systems or methods (CMMI, SPICE) used in this field in a common way in the 1980s and 1990s for the …

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The launch of WITORG and its Guide

The WITORG project has been finally released. The purpose is to provide VALUE to individuals and organizations, through the analysis, development and evolution of their “Organizational Systems”. To do this, we have “The WITORG Guide – A comprehensive approach to evolve YOUR organizational system and reach your goals”. The objective of this post is to …

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